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Orange Solar Specials BV / Kameleon Solar

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Orange Solar Specials BV / Kameleon Solar
Belder 1
Country Netherlands


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Products or Machinery

KS GlassGlass-Glass
KS Glass type is a glass-glass module meaning it can be light-permeable.
This type is often applied to BIPV.
Kameleon Solar Glass – Properties

Kameleon Solar Glass solar panels will degenerate far more slowly than other solar panels on the market, it’s also a lot more pleasing to look at!

Increased fire protection:
The Kameleon Solar Glass is a glass-glass solar panel, meaning it has a higher fire safety than other standard solar modules..

PID resistant, 100% snailtrail-free:
The glass-glass modules of Kameleon Solar are PID-resistant and 100% protected against snail trails. Hereby the cells degenerate far more slowly.

Like other Kameleon Solar solar panels, the Kameleon Solar Glass is completely customizable.



KS Hybrid
KS HybridGlass-backsheet
KS Hybrid is a glass-backsheet module, like traditional solar panels. Due to the customization options the KS Hybrid has a wide applicability.

KS Flex
KS FlexPolymer-Polymer
KS Flex is a polymer-polymer module.
Ideal for light constructions, curved surfaces and flexibel designs.

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